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Reading - Can you Dig It?

You can Dig It! David Storms, aka "Stormy the Magician', is digging deep into books your summer readers will love. Stormy's new 45 minute show will do some "digging" into; Pirates and their treasure; Fairy Tales, History; Circus acts and animals.

All of Stormy's library shows are presented through magic, storytelling, humor, and audience participation.

Rates and Discounts

Book one show: $175

Book a second show with another library(within a 20 mile radius) for the same day but different time ( i.e. morning, afternoon or evening) and receive both shows for the low rate of $150@.

Don't Delay. Dig into your Calendar and Request a date Available dates are being buried away every day!

Wait there's more.....

"Stormy the Balloon Twister"
$150 for 2 hours balloon twisting

If you are looking for an activity that will "Jump Start" or "Bring Down the Curtain" for your summer reading program, consider hiring Stormy to Twist balloons for your Guests.







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