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Flight and Rockets: This is a one hour hands on workshop where participants learn about what makes airplanes and rockets fly. We'll talk about Bernoulli's principle. Students will make their own paper airplane that demonstrates the 4 forces of flight: lift, drag, gravity, and thrust as well as the parts of a airplane. Class members will blast off their own miniature "film canister" rockets and for the grand finale, each student will create their own rocket engine using mentos and a 2 liter diet coke. All supplies are included except for a 2 liter Diet coke that each student must bring.








Magic Camp: Students learn magic by following the 4 parts of a magic trick: Presentation, the One ahead principle; Misdirection; Advantage of using common objects. All supplies are provided as take homes. Participants will learn the following:
Appearing Knot
How to make a ring disappear from a rope
Houdini Pearls
Jumping Rubber bands
French Drop
Hot rod force
Paddle Move
Magical Fish
Electricity: Learners will begin by learning how to be safe around electricity then they will explore what makes their hair stand on end (static electricity). Students will learn about circuits and then construct a simple electrical circuit that will turn on a light bulb, make a pinwheel fly, and make a buzzer "buzz" . Students will also build their own motor using a D battery (not provided).









Halloween Science Professor Storminstein....Stormy.....will take his guests on a Halloween adventure. Students will make Burping, Bubbling, and Smoking Water by using dry ice.  Goblins will also make their own Glow in the dark Halloween sticks, worms, slime, as well as making a screaming balloons.

Please Note

All of Stormy's after school programs have the following objectives. First, Stormy wants everyone to learn the basic scientific concepts of the program by using "hands on" experiments. Second; Stormy wants everyone to leave the program thinking.....Wow! Science is Fun and I want to know more. Third, Stormy wants everyone to be safe and to leave with a smile on their face.

All supplies are furnished except for the 2 liter diet coke bottle needed for each participant in the Flight and Rocket program and a D battery for the Electricity program.

Stormy's classes can accommodate up to 20 individuals and last for one hour.

Please give Stormy a call for more information on pricing, class "age" organization, and date availability. Class dates fill up quickly so call soon. 269-945-3805.





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